Sales: In today’s market, as values increase on a consistent basis, the seller is looking for the highest Fair Market Value for his home. This is understandable, as the home, is considered an investment, so why not cash out the most you can?!

I can assist you in your endeavor to sell your home, so that you as a seller can gain the most cash out of your home on the sale. I utilize comps within your market area and calculate a best Fair Market List Price for your home. Of course, no home is in the same condition, so all things are considered within this evaluation when helping calculate your list price. Please tell me what you have done to upgrade your home so that as a team (Alfred Saiz and you) can come to a reasonable, yet high net return on the sale of your home (investment).

Probate Sales: I pride myself in the knowledge and experience to help the Personal Representative or Real Estate attorney help the family sell/liquidate Real Property thru the Estate/Probate in a Conservatorship, Guardianship or Living Will/Trust. Thru a rigorous valuation research study, I get the highest, most realistic Fair Market Value for the property in question. I also do understand and I’m sensitive to the needs of the client, as I also understand the untimely passing of someone, in some cases, is the reason for this process. Please consider Alfred Saiz as “YOUR” real estate agent when having to sell Real Property thru a Probate sale.

Short Sales: Short selling is a hard decision for everyone to make, as it is essentially losing your home. However, contrary to popular belief, it is much better that letting the investors (or owners of your note on the mortgage) take your home in a foreclosure. Here are the 3 major reasons why Short Selling is much better than Foreclosure (AKA Repossession).

REO/BPO: As a Real estate company, I have the experience to service any and all Servicing or Asset Management Company when it comes to REO/Foreclosed properties.

I have over 3 years experience as a listing agent for over 5 Servicing and Asset Management Companies relative to REO/BPO. Tasks from beginning to end are completed in record time for these Servicing Companies/AMC’s so that from BPO, to sale, all are done in a prompt manner.

BPO’s are completed with concise and accurate comps and info to best portray the most current Fair Market Value for the particular asset being evaluated in its market area. This way, the sale of the asset is within 30-60 days, but the highest FMV for that asset was achieved due to accurate and concise info.